All NDS programs, unless otherwise stated, contain the following:

NDS offers a wide range of interesting topics and has a unique and distinctive presentation style. We provide professional level arts and music tailored to our audience levels. Each program is the result of years of research, training, and planning to ensure that we not only entertain, but educate and stimulate the curiosity of our audiences.

Programs performed specifically for schools mesh with existing school curricula and state requirements, helping to reinforce and improve main subject areas, as well as introduce students to new topics not found in standard lesson plans.

Gods & Demons: The Wise One, the Demon with the Fangs, and the Chick with the Skulls

Learn about the life of Siddhartha Gautama, meet the founder of the Kathmandu Valley, be protected from evil spirits by a demon (yes, that's right, a demon), and become smarter by having your head chopped off (don't worry, you'll get it back at the end of the program). Learn why Buddhism is not a religion and why life is like a lotus. This program is suitable for all ages.

Do You Kathak?

Kathak is one of the major classical Indian dance styles which originated in northern India and developed in large part after Hindu and Muslim cultures collided. This program promotes multi-cultural diversity, investigates the history of the dance, and gives the audience a taste of the technical and expressive components of Kathak. This program is recommended for adults and grade 3 and above.

Bollywood Babes, or "I'm ready for my close-up, Mr. Patel"

Mumbai's movie industry produces thousands of movies every year and has a global following in the millions. Audiences will get a behind the scenes glimpse of the technical skill, choreography, and enormous energy required to produce these glittering spectacles of modern cinema. This is one of our most popular programs and is geared for all ages.

Himalayan Musical Journey

Students make audio art with traditional Himalayan instruments through hands-on activities, learn about time cycles, and improve their math, counting, and sequencing skills. This program is suitable for children K-6 and is especially beneficial for children with learning disabilities.

Dancing in the Shadow of Everest

We explore the myths and legends of the Abominable Snowman and get a glimpse into the everyday life of villagers and the people of the Kathmandu Valley. Learn how dance, music, and village life create a strong social bond and network between all the diverse ethnic groups of Nepal. Dancing in the Shadow of Everest is suitable for all ages.