NDS is the result of a dream shared by founders Bhim and Cordula Dahal who first collaborated to establish a successful dance and training center in Kathmandu in 2003. Intensely devoted to Himalayan heritage, they had a vision to expand the knowledge and appreciation, as well as preservation of the unique culture of this area. With modern technology and increased outside influence invading previously isolated states, the traditions of many ethnic groups were rapidly changing or beginning to disappear altogether. Extensive travels and experiences in the West also convinced the Dahals of the need to showcase the beauty and diversity of the Himalayan regions to the outside world in order to inspire and foster understanding between different cultures and nations.

Since 2007, Nepal Dance School has pioneered unusual performances, educational programs, and original instructional methods for dance and music. The Dahals believe in the visual magic of cross-cultural communication and appreciation, and are enthusiastic about sharing the wealth of these incomparable arts with audiences everywhere. From working with challenged and underprivileged children in interactive programs, providing samples of Himalayan handicrafts, supporting one-on-one empowerment opportunities in Nepal, and offering programs which inform and entertain about cultures, traditions, religions, and everyday life in the Himalayas, NDS is a multi-faceted organization which brings their vision to life.

Nepal Dance School has performed and instructed at a variety of venues including: