NDS is a family of multi-cultural artists working towards the common goal of sharing the traditions and heritage of the Himalayan regions through the mediums of dance and music.

Bhim Dahal
Founder / Artistic Director
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Bhim "Anil" Dahal began his career in music and folk dance as a young child in the Middle Hills of Nepal. His classical training has been under noted artists Suresh Mishra, Manoj Suwal, Bidyendu Ghosh in Kolkata, Shela Mehta in Mumbai, and Bhawani Javada of the Kathak Kendra in Jaipur.

He has choreographed productions for the stage and film in Bollywood, Kathak, Nepali Folk, and Buddhist dance for over 17 years. His practical classroom experience with students has led to the development of an original and distinctive approach to teaching for both dance and music. Mr. Dahal's other talents include the tabla, the harmonium, and the madal. When he's not busy choreographing or teaching classes, he can usually be found in the kitchen creating incredible Indian and Nepali dishes.

Cordula Sturm Dahal
Founder / Executive Director
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Cordula Sturm Dahal, born in Germany and educated in France and the United States, has trained in dance in Marrakech, Morocco, Cairo, Egypt, Kathmandu, Nepal, Jaipur, India, and Salalah, the Sultanate of Oman. She also has over twenty years of experience in the fields of Egyptology and academic historical research.

Mrs. Dahal's background as a writer and editor and her experience traveling and living in over thirty countries have given her a rare understanding of international relations, peoples, cultures, and traditions. She has worked extensively with children and is responsible for concept development and the practical integration of dance, music, and art within NDS programs.

Tasherit Sturm Dahal
Assistant Instructor / Senior Performer

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Since the age of seven, Tasherit has been training with Bhim Dahal. She has also studied with Bhawani Javada of the Kathak Kendra in Jaipur, Shambhave Vaze, and Maneesha Sathe, protégée of the great Kathak dancer, Gopi Krishna, of Pune, India.

In her spare time, Tasherit donates her skills in dance and modeling to charity organizations. She plans to pursue a career in Himalayan Studies, with an emphasis on preserving and documenting rare dances and working to educate women and children in remote areas of Nepal about nutrition and general healthcare.

Santoshi Dahal
Costume Designer

Santoshi is our gifted costume and wardrobe designer and lives in Kathmandu, Nepal. Her creations have brought beauty, color, and style to our performances and receive rave reviews from audiences everywhere.

Antar "Schnauzer" Sturm Dahal
Materials Artist

As NDS's artist, Antar helps create and prepare logos, graphic designs, and educational support materials for teachers, students, and general audiences. He is currently studying Fine Art at York College of Pennsylvania.

Mauri / the "Friend" / "Boo-Boo" / Mouse / Sevgi
Resident Feline Mascot

According to many, Mauri is the best dancer in the school and, indeed, the world. She is occasionally seen with Bijuli Chak-Chakke, the hamster, in her mouth, although she insists that she does not indulge in junk food.