Bollywood began as a fusion between Indian street drama, known as nautanki, and Urdu plays. Over time, it became an original mix of classical and modern dance, gaining fame through the medium of films produced by the prolific movie industry in Mumbai (previously called Bombay, hence "Bollywood"). There are literally thousands of lengthy dramas and comedies filled with beautiful songs and elaborate dances and they have formed a base of escapist and romantic entertainment for audiences the world over.

Many of the over 700 steps in Bollywood have their roots in classical dance, with the choreography being an artistic collaboration of traditional form coupled with highly aerobic modern dance moves. There are also many variations within Bollywood itself, ranging from the more delicate and refined to the extremely challenging and energetic.

Featured in: Bollywood Babes, or "I'm ready for my close-up, Mr. Patel"

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