» Nepalis drink and make yogurt, cheese, and ghee from cow and buffalo milk. Buffalo milk is rich with cream and has about 7.5 to 8% fat content, making it both delicious and satisfying. Cow milk is one of the five major ingredients in a traditional temple puja.

» The ritual killing of tens of thousands of goats during Dashain is done as quickly and humanely as possible. The animal must give its consent, which is ensured by dripping water on its head, thereby making it "nod" in agreement. These days, however, more and more people view the slaughter of animals during festivals as cruel and inappropriate and have begun campaigning against it.

» Fasting on certain holy days is not only desirable, but expected. For some, this means no food or water for the entire period. For others (such as children, the elderly, and pregnant women), fruit and yogurt may be consumed and/or juice or water may be drunk to offset the difficulty of the sacrifice and maintain their health.