» In Nepal, when a woman has her period, she cannot go into the kitchen (considered to be a sacred space) or touch any elderly person. Someone else must cook the food while she eats and sleeps apart from the family for four days. In some remote villages, women are often barred from the house entirely and forced to stay in an outdoor shed, where the cold winter months and harsh environment may be fatal.

» The spring festival of Holi is a colorful holiday when people douse one another with powdered dyes and water. Women generally wear old kurtas or T-shirts to avoid ruining their clothing. It is considered a wonderful blessing to be "painted" head to toe with all the various colors.

» Pashmina scarves are a specialty of Nepal. The delicate hair used to make them comes from the underbelly of a special mountain goat and provides extreme warmth. Both men and women wear pashmina shawls during the colder months.