» Card games are enormously popular in Nepal. Men often spend many hours of the day playing with friends and neighbors, betting small amounts of money, and enjoying chai or some stronger refreshment.

» In Nepal, when a woman has her period, she cannot go into the kitchen (considered to be a sacred space) or touch any elderly person. Someone else must cook the food while she eats and sleeps apart from the family for four days. In some remote villages, women are often barred from the house entirely and forced to stay in an outdoor shed, where the cold winter months and harsh environment may be fatal.

» Nepali women wear a tilhari after they marry. This is a thick necklace strung with tiny red or green pote (glass) beads, which pass through an intricately patterned beaten gold tube. Women may wear the tilhari as a necklace or across the left shoulder and down to the waist on special festival days. The size and detail of the tilhari often indicate the social and economic status of the woman.