» Nepali women, like most Indian women, love their bangles. These are sold both in shops and stands and come in every color of the rainbow. Bangles may be made of wood, plastic, metal, or, the Nepali favorite, glass. Married women usually have a special set in red which is reserved for festivals and holidays.

» The kitchen is sacred in a Nepali household and outsiders are only very rarely allowed in. Shoes must always be removed before entering this space. Garbage is never thrown into a fire, as fire is considered holy and should not be polluted.

» Nepalis have a very sharp sense of humor. They are keen observers of peoples' character and behavior. Comedy TV series, which satirize certain groups, are enormously popular. As a people they are often curious to the point of being rude and will not hesitate to ask the most personal questions of anyone they meet. This is never meant to be insulting, rather just a means of getting to know more about the other person and being friendly.