» Bagh chal is a traditional Nepali board game which involves skill, cunning, and a great deal of strategy and planning. One player controls four tigers, while the other controls 20 goats. The goats' objective is to surround and block the tigers in order to avoid being eaten by them. Conversely, the tigers attempt to eat the goats by jumping over them.

» The kitchen is sacred in a Nepali household and outsiders are only very rarely allowed in. Shoes must always be removed before entering this space. Garbage is never thrown into a fire, as fire is considered holy and should not be polluted.

» Fasting on certain holy days is not only desirable, but expected. For some, this means no food or water for the entire period. For others (such as children, the elderly, and pregnant women), fruit and yogurt may be consumed and/or juice or water may be drunk to offset the difficulty of the sacrifice and maintain their health.