» Most animals have a special significance in Nepal. The crow, for example, is the messenger of death. The cat is seen to be the servant of a witch and when a dog howls, people believe that someone will be dead the next day.

» Corporal punishment is common in Nepal, to the chagrin of most Westerners. Failure to obey a parent, teacher, or other figure of authority can result in slaps, stiff beatings, or loss of meals.

» Cows are sacred in Nepal. They move when they like, where they like. It is quite common to see traffic being diverted around a resting bovine and people will affectionately touch the animal's forehead as a sign of reverence. Injuring or killing a cow may be considered a worse offense than killing a man, since the animal represents the embodiment of Kamadhenu and is a mother figure to all Hindus. Devotees see her as a selfless creature, because she asks for little else other than grass and water and, in return, produces milk, which can sustain a human being via many different forms (e.g., milk, yogurt, butter, cheese, and whey).